About Tricor Alloys

We maintain one of the world’s most complete inventories of titanium mill products in ASTM grades

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Titanium Mill Products for Aerospace, Medical, Power and Industrial Markets

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TRICOR ALLOYS - Titanium Mill Products

We are a family-owned, small business with facilities in Wooster, OH, Conroe, TX, Plymouth, MI and Oxnard, CA with over 25 years experience in the supply of titanium mill products, titanium forgings and fabrication of ASME Code equipment for the aerospace, medical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, industrial, consumer, and mining markets.

We provide quick-ship service center sales and processing of DFARS-compliant titanium mill products for aerospace and medical applications from our distribution facility In Wooster, OH.

We offer advanced processing including water jet cutting, saw cutting, shearing and just-in-time inventory for ‘blanket’ order processing to meet our customer’s needs.

We also stock, clean, process, and package UltraGrade™ high performance welding wires for aerospace, power, and turbine engines.

Our distribution facilities are in Wooster, Ohio and Conroe, Texas. We also operate technical sales facilities in Plymouth, MI and Oxnard, CA.