About Tricor Alloys

Titanium Welding Wire


We are a family-owned, small business with facilities in Wooster, OH, Conroe, TX, Plymouth, MI and Oxnard, CA with over 30 years’ experience in the supply of titanium mill products, titanium forgings and fabrication of ASME Code equipment for the petrochemical, pharmaceutical, mining, aerospace, and bio-medical served markets.

What we do

We supply of titanium mill products, titanium forgings, and titanium welding & fabrication to  the aerospace, medical, chemical, mining, pharmaceutical, and industrial markets. 

Where are our facilities

Our fabrication and distribution facilities are in Wooster, Ohio and Conroe, Texas. We also operate technical sales facilities in Plymouth, MI and Oxnard, CA. (Click here for complete addresses)

Titanium mill products & custom forgings

We maintain one of the world’s most complete inventories of DFARS complaint titanium mill products for aerospace, medical, and corrosion applications including sheet, plate, bar, billet, rod, wire, and tubing.  We maintain staged billets for custom forgings.  We offer advanced processing including water jet cutting, saw cutting, and shearing. We provide custom parts manufacturing and just in-time inventory for ‘blanket’ order processing.

Aerospace Fabrication and Welding

We provide titanium and reactive metal welding.  We are skilled and experience in project management and provide prototype and production welding, cold-forming, fabrication and contract manufacturing services – specializing in titanium and reactive metals.   Working with Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory Tricor fabricated the titanium-alloy support structure used for the NASA’s Parker Solar Probe. 

Field and factory weld repairs

Our repair teams can be mobilized globally for field work. Or we can repair in our facilities. We specialize in welding of advanced corrosion resistant metals like titanium, tantalum, zirconium, niobium, nickel alloys, duplex stainless and stainless steel. Available with 24 hour notice for emergency repairs.

Astrolite – UltraGrade Welding Wire for Aerospace, Turbine Engine, Power, and Challenging Applications

We stock, clean, process, and package Astrolite® UltraGrade™ high performance welding wires for aerospace, power, and turbine engines from our facilities in Wooster, Ohio and Oxnard, CA.